Going with the Flow

I almost fell out with myself last night. The tired Mummy part of me wanted to go to bed and the Writer part of me didn’t so both of us stayed up to the wee small hours. It’s this writing lark and blog thingy. It has my head astray with ideas. I am not a great night owl but I love the quiet of the night. Even the sofa relaxes. Now, I know it would have helped if I had of known the why’s and the what’s of blogging before I started this blog but, to be honest, if I waited until I figured that out I wouldn’t have a blog! So I am learning on my hoof! It’s a bit like life really. Nothing like getting stuck in, though not everything is going to plan. Anyway, I gave up making plans a long time ago. Life has an uncanny way of taking you by surprise and leading you in an entirely different direction. That’s a theme I am writing on at the minute and it really got me thinking how difficult it is to accept things just as they are. We humans resist change but the funny thing is we also get used to things pretty quickly too if we allow ourselves just to go with the flow. I hope I can get into the flow pretty soon, and get used to this blog terminology, so I can get on with some writing and back to just being.

Thanks for stopping by!


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