When waiting is not an option

All of a sudden she wanted to paint. She had found a small table easel at the back of her wardrobe. It had been her brothers. She came to me, carrying the wooden box like an offering and I just knew little Missy wasn’t going to wait. She wanted to paint NOW.

Sitting down my cup I opened up the box to find the props and screws inside. It proved more difficult than it looked, and a few screws were missing. I fiddled with it for a while but by the time I got it in some orderly working shape little Missy had decided she wanted one with feet. She also wanted paint. I wanted to throw in a wash and get out of my PJ’s since it was 7.30am in the morning. Breakfast would have been a good idea too. Instead I got the Argos catalogue and talked about the next time we went to town. I pointed at all the different types of paints but it was no use. The tears came fast and furious.

I managed to find some chalk. It was a poor substitute. Besides, the pictures in the Argos catalogue were far too small. Everything was wrong. I reached for her and tried to balance the catalogue on one knee and precious little Missy on the other. The hug settled the sobbing a tad but the tears remained frantic. Breathing deeply, I just had to accept the fact that there are things and situations I just can’t fix and little Missy had to learn we don’t always get what we want. Waiting is not an option.


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