When Facebook friends come alive

I have an on off relationship with social media but now it is very much on. A wonderful friend from my past has found me on Facebook. I haven’t seen her in twenty-three years. She is still in touch with other old friends…friends we lived with and laughed with, and supported many years ago. She is organising a reunion. OMG. I am going to be reunited with my old friends who are young at heart and can’t wait to see me. I can’t wait to see them. Messages via Facebook are flying between us. We are crying. We are laughing. Half written thoughts are running over other half written thoughts. We are impatient. We can’t wait to meet. OMG!! I’m jigging on my tippy toes…feeling flushed and excited and trying to calm my nerves and hush my heart beat. Like now. I swear, I think everyone can here it…Ok…Let’s do this thing. Breath deeply…open zip of suitcase…pop up lid…now where’s my pj’s and toothbrush…prepare to smash the ‘past’ portal…into the present….. Here I come!!!!!!!! My friend will recognise me…she will not have to look twice…I’ll be the one jigging up and down and waving frantically.


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