Have a happy thought day

Are your thoughts your own? If in doubt, look at your belief patterns. Ask yourself…where did that thought originate from? Is it really mine? If it limits you, change it. If it is someone else’s, change it. If it is bringing you down, change it. Let go of any belief or behaviour that is not serving you well.

Have a happy thought today. It will make you smile from the inside out. Create a sense of giddiness that will take you away from feeling down and beating yourself up. Allow your happy thought to lead to all sorts of nice things like making fun plans, connecting with friends and feeling good. No matter how low your mood is, a happy thought will lift you up and raise your vibration that in turn will lift your mood and bring some clarity again.

Crowd out any negative thoughts and belief patterns with happy thoughts. Start today with just one happy thought. Grow your own happy thoughts one day at a time.


One thought on “Have a happy thought day

  1. Brigitte says:

    You are so right about this. When I’m in one of my low moods, I always try to do this and it works — that and a little physical activity to get those endorphins flowing. :).

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