Living easy and slow

Feeling Sizzled?
Family, business, work, and a million other distractions pulling your attention in many different directions, leaving you feeling overwhelmed and sizzling with stress? The world may want your attention but only you can decide where it goes.
Slow down
Take ownership and responsibility for how you live your life.
Stop and re-evaluate
Stop and re-evaluate what is important to you and where you want your attention to go. Take time to rest, reflect, rejuvenate and revitalize yourself. It will transform your life.
Start over
Take small steps to who and what you want to be. Find ways to do more of what you love to do. Take one step at a time. Change takes time and patience. Be gently with yourself.
Strive to find simple pleasures in everything and anything you do. What you choose to do is not the focus, but how you experience that activity. Learn to savour every moment fully.
Self care
Make your own health and happiness your highest priority. If you’re often busy, you can schedule some simple pleasures. Have a routine for recharging your batteries.
Surround yourself with positivity
If you want your life to be positive, let the positive have your attention. This applies to television, blogs, your company, projects, your thoughts and really everything in your life.                                                                                                                                          Stress less
Life really is a learning process. Choose to learn rather than get frustrated with the learning process. Stay calm; ask yourself how important is it? Let go, accept and move on positively.
Slowly does it
It can be a challenge to take things easy and slow on a regular basis, especially if you’re time is not your own, but it will enrich your life. Slowly and deeply breathe life into your own life.


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