Remembering Granny

Today is All Souls’ Day. Christians have prayed for the dead since the earliest day of Christianity. Early liturgies and inscriptions on catacomb walls attest to the practice of praying for the departed, a custom that is borrowed from Judaism.

During the seventh century Monks decided to offer the mass on the day after Pentecost for their deceased community members. By the 13th century, the November 2 feast had appeared on the calendar of the Roman Catholic Church. Customs associated with All Souls’ Day vary from culture to culture. In Ireland, families visit the graves of relatives.

Today I revisited a poem I had written To My Grandmother, published in a book of poetry in 1995. My grandmother died on the 18th November 1995.Today, I would like to share the memory of my grandmother with you.


Like echoing whispers in still night air

You steal softly through my thought

Waking up the warmth of you

When Sunday evening tea was a novelty

in your home – our hotel

Long before we heard of sea or sand.

Now when I come, discarded are the glasses

And the Irish News – bought to read the deaths.

We chat freely about then and now

Delicate stresses upon your brow

Reminiscing the old, surmising the new

Traditions you speak of are now but few

Yes! Many things have changed but you

Know I love your independent self

May I have half your will, your inner strength,

Your tenderness that beats at every pulse.

Like a locket’s precious contents about the neck

I wear you about my heart


One thought on “Remembering Granny

  1. Collette says:

    lovely poem!! your granny was certainly a huge inspiration in your life>

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