Trading Secrets


Motley hung round my neck this morning, tired and weary, sharing his secrets without uttering a word. Words are not important in his world. Missy was at the breakfast table, sitting in a puddle of sunshine. Holding Motley close, I started to talk to the kettle. I was getting behind it, willing it on. “Come on, come on, have to wash, have to dress, have to live.” The kettle whistled into a blustering shrieking sound and Missy’s quiet giggles exploded into screaming laughter until she caught her breath. Leaning on her elbows, she stretched her body across the table and whispered earnestly. “I talk to things too Mammy. I talk to my teddies and the wind and my soulbird.” I wanted to ask her did they talk back but I didn’t. Some secrets are sacred and not meant to be shared. It was enough to know she confided in her inner and outer world. The kettle was calming down, bubbling with relief. Little Missy asked for a cup of tea and Motley joined us. We sat together sipping, sharing the silence that was speaking quietly to all of us. Can you hear the silence? Do you have secrets only your soulbird knows? Does your soulbird speak to you? Are you listening? Sshh! Don’t tell. Just listen. Trade secrets. Find a way to speak your truth without uttering a word. Aox


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