Treat yourself!

Go see a show! Love it. All the people pouring in. Collect the ticket with your name on it. Clutch it like life depended on it. Have a drink. Visit the loo. Check out the paintings. Grab some popcorn. Soak up the atmosphere. Help yourself to an ice cream. Head up the stairs into the auditorium. Head down into the darkened theatre. Follow the torchlight. Search for your seat. Get cosy. Blend with the crowd. Catch your breath. Taste the anticipation. Watch the curtains shake and shimmer. Notice the décor on the roof. Listen to the excitement. The music. The silence. Chill. Enjoy the wait. Only minutes to go now before you are transported to another place in time.

What are you waiting on? Treat yourself. Go to the opera. See a show. Watch a movie on the big screen, Catch a concert. Dance in the isle. Escape into another world for a while. Be moved. Have fun! Aox



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