To my Godchild Ava

Welcome to the world little Ava

Thanks to a friend called Love

Who wrapped you up and kept you safe

While travelling from above

I see you have brought along with you

Joy and Happiness

Thanks to you they are our friends too

For that we are truly blessed

May Joy take you by the hand

And explore with you all your days

May you find Peace along the way

To play with Happiness

And if on life’s journey you get lost

And find you are all alone

Be still and know my darling child

Love will bring you home

© Aileen McGee

Love and Blessings always Ava

From your Godmother

Ava Rois Francesca McGee-Mitchell is being christened today, the 27th November 2011. I have the sweet privilege and honour of standing for Ava and becoming her Godmother. It is truly a blessing to be a special part of a child’s life.

May I be guided and supported by her little angels to help her along the way. May we all be guided, so we can light the way for little feet, and grow healthy thoughts in minds of wonder and awe. May we nurture that wonder. May it ignite our own wonder to see the world again, all shiny again, like a new toy.

Light a little candle, whisper a silent prayer, send out a loving intention to all those that love and care for children everywhere. May their hearts be full and overflowing to enable them to fill up all the little tiny hearts with love, love and love. Blessing to you and yours Aox



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