I love candles. All kinds. Scented, coloured, even little tea lights, I love them all. At this time of the year many folk make an Advent wreath in preparation for (or countdown to) the birth of Christ. Advent begins on Advent Sunday, the fourth Sunday before Christmas Day. If you have not already done so, how about making an Advent wreath.

All you have to do is make an evergreen wreath and help yourself to three purple candles, a pink candle and an optional white candle. The white candle sits in the middle of the purple and pink candles.  The first purple candle represents Hope and is lit on the first Sunday in Advent. The second purple candle represents Love and it is lit on the second Sunday in Advent. The third pink candle represents joy and it is lit on the third Sunday and the  fourth purple candle represents peace. It is lit on the fourth sunday of Advent. The optional white candle represents Christmas and is lit on Christmas day.

Choose to do less running about this Christmas and more reflection on the meaning of Christmas by candle light.  We often have some sort of countdown going on for Christmas, children included, for obvious reasons, but the Advent wreath can often bring a sense of stillness to an otherwise busy stressful time. Fill your home with a little stillness and light this Advent season. Aox


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