Who are you going to be today?

Who are you going to be today? Have you created distance from your authentic self? Are you going to be what someone else wants you to be or are you going to be yourself? Are you going to say things you don’t really mean? Maybe you don’t feel you can be who you really want to be? How can you change that?

Perhaps you are going to dress up and play your role as a bus conductor, or a chef, a doctor, a secretary, a teacher, a lawyer or a philematologist? Has your job turned you into someone you don’t know? Do you love your job but some other part of you is missing? Is your job full of stress? Is it slowly choking your soul? (If you are a philematologist, probably not, depending on your subjects of course!) What can you do about it? Follow your heart, that’s what. Return to your childhood and pick one thing that made your heart sing. What was that? fishing, drawing, singing, selling homemade lemonade, writing, making things, playing music, caring, reading, collecting. Bring it back into your life now. Know it is possible to enjoy all such roles if you are dedicating a little time to you and nurturing your dreams. Even if it is a slow burn, it keeps your dreams alive.

What if you woke up as the President…or the Queen or Brad Pitt? Would that bring you nearer to who you are? Maybe you would rather be David Beckham or Lady Gaga or your next door neighbour? What if you woke up in a completely different culture with different beliefs and thought patterns? Would that lead you back to you? Would that be you? What would enable you to be a more authentic you? Do you have a dream buried deep inside of you? Do you have a burning desire to unleash it into the world? What’s stopping you being you right now?

May I share with you what empowered me to be true blue? Accepting me, accepting my life, just the way it is, freefalls and all. It’s certainly not how I thought it would be. Having a child with a disability didn’t enter my head. Giving up my promotion so early on in my career didn’t come into the equation either. Shelving my business two years after I began my new venture was definitely not part of the plan but somehow in life I have managed to accept, let go and move on. The job and the business was nothing to the pain and grief I had to let go off but life can snap sometimes when you least expect it and force you to make a choice.  Live or die. Change and grow or grow old. I figured the latter is going to happen anyway so I decided I might as well open my mind to change and grow too. I learn a little every day, usually that I still know so little, but that’s ok. I’m not perfect. I don’t have a perfect life. Life is challenging, difficult and tough. I don’t have riches to haul me out of a tight spot. I float my own boat.  If I have the strength I keep rowing. If I don’t, I love myself more and go easy until I do.

Many moons ago I realised what I have is far more valuable than any riches. I am teaming with blessings and for that, I am grateful. I have more than enough. Today I am real. I am truth. I have ignited my dreams. I don’t care much for being anyone else. I can admire others and be inspired. I do not need to become them. I do not need what they have. Things never really cut it for me. If you want to give me something, give me time, give me a laugh, give me love. Today, I am just going to be me. Who are you going to be? How do you succeed in being yourself and following your dreams?


3 thoughts on “Who are you going to be today?

  1. Г-н Емо says:

    Of course 🙂 At the end of the day it is always to be yourself 🙂 If im not myself i feel stupid and guilt-like inside. Not because of others (erhm them too but… ya know) but cuz i lie to myself … rofl 😀
    Hmm Wtf am i tryin’ to say here 😀 Im always myself, doesn’t matter what the my mood is or if the day is dark and “evil” 😀 I go out with a smile and smite everything in my path (including people who don’t like as they say “feeding the troll”). I started seeing myself as a troll … eh not ugly – im not handsome too but still not that ugly :D. So the troll thingie 😀
    Rofl sometimes i cant stop laughing at my own stupidity and my laugh is like a plague to everyone around me. So about being someone …. Are you yourself really? Or your more like someone else 🙂
    Really nice pub. btw … Good job.
    Have a nice evening (or whats left of it, or morning for that matter 😀 which brings the question : Where are you from?)
    Best wishes,

  2. Hello! That was a very lovely post! My life experience is obviously not the same as yours, but I think that your post transcends difference of experience to reach some kind of essential. Thank you!

  3. ailialana says:

    Hi Emil…Lollll I’m from Ireland….kindof wet dark and gloomy at this time of year but the Christmas lights do a good job at lighting us all up. Thanks for your comments. Aox

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