I love hugs. Big hugs, bear hugs, tight hugs, gentle hugs, little hugs, arms open wide to wrap me up hugs. Ohhhh…I do love hugs. Hugs celebrate. Hugs laugh. Hugs cry. Hugs melt a tired body and cradle a weary mind. Hugs comfort. Hugs can make a bad day good. Hugs are better than words. Words can never say what hugs say. Hugs speak their own language. Hugs are spontaneous. Hugs are bad liars. Hugs can’t hug unless they want to…unless they mean it. Hugs and no hugs tell the truth. Sometimes truth hurts. It’s the way with hugs. Aox



One thought on “Hugs

  1. I love hugs too!!! 🙂

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