When the dawn comes, when it dawns on you, when you breathe deep and the breath lingers, when you get a rush of clarity, when suddenly you know what you need to do, when it feels right, when it comes together, when you bask in a moment of happiness. When the door opens, when the money falls into the slot, when the answer is yes, when you arrive home, when you let go, when it let goes of you, when the universe grants you your wish, when the hand of kindness touches you, when the baby stops screaming, when you hear the silence, when you gasp in awe, surprised, giddy with wonder, when your luck changes, when the phone rings, when you get it right, when you accept that you are wrong, when you take a stand, when you follow your heart, when you feel the fear and face it, when you change your mind, when you say no, when you sense you are not alone, when a glint of light creeps round the edge of darkness, look towards the moody skies, the raging storms, the crashing tides, the burning sun. When you rise from the ashes, when you burst into flame…when we connect…you, me, the sun, the moon and the stars, be blinded by the truth. Feel the surge of energy rushing through your veins. We are wired live. We are all connected. Aox


2 thoughts on “Connected

  1. Lovely … I’d like that written on the back of my hand but I think my hand is too small!

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