When you give away your heart, do not expect to get it back in the same condition. Love leaves an imprint. Love can make it burst open with joy or leave it cracked and heavy. There is nothing that can relieve the weight of a heavy heart except, perhaps, more love. Go gentle with your heart. Be it cracked, bruised or dented, or pitted with holes, it is still your heart. When we are broken it is difficult to imagine that only more love will help us heal again. Keep your heart open to love, no matter how it aches, no matter how difficult. If you find it difficult to find love again at least allow love to find you. It will come in all shapes and forms, especially in simple things. Let it flow through the cracks, to heal the bruises, to fill up the emptiness of your sore heart. It may not be the same love but a different love, the love you find in a stranger’s smile, in a gentle touch from a friend, in a kind word, in a child’s wonder, in nature’s beauty, in the acceptance of your brokenness, in your own tear-stained attempt to love yourself. Love your heart. Love it better so it may give and receive love again. Aox


One thought on “Love

  1. Love this! Needed to hear it!! 🙂

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