Lost and found

Running head down, shoulders hunched to the rain I almost missed it.  It was lying open, stuffed to the gills with money, cards and personal things. Picking it up, I tried to hold on to the kids while my eyes scanned through the trashing rain for its owner. The world was rushing by, full of Christmas shoppers. Business as usual. No one searching frantically for their wallet. Clinging on to the kids, especially Motley who was itching to splash in puddles and lie down in the rain, I huddled them into a shop doorway trying to think what I should do. Who should I give it to? Where would I leave it? I wasn’t sure what to do but I knew the owner would be out of his mind with worry. I stood there wondering…trying to think what I would want someone to do with my purse. Something told me to look inside it.

I searched for a name and found a scribbled signature on a membership card. The same name was printed on a couple of business cards. Fumbling with my phone, the kids, my bags and the wet wallet  I rang the number. No answer. Feck. I looked about me. The children where shivering and getting wet. What do I do now? Just as I hung up, my phone rang almost immediately. “Hello?” “Hello, are you Mr F Be….?” “Yes, yes, YES , I am.” I was right, the man was completely out of his mind. When he arrived to claim his wallet he blessed himself and was so relieved I thought he was going to pass out. We refused his gift of payment. It was enough to stand in the pouring raining, soaking up his joy.  We were so pleased we had found it for him and we parted, wishing each other a very happy Christmas.

The incident probably taught the man to be careful with his wallet in the future but it also taught me a valuable lesson. I realised I didn’t have my address and telephone details in my purse. If I mislead it, and someone found it, they would have great difficulty contacting me immediately. Now I have typed out my name, address and contact details and have placed it in my purse. If you have no identification in your purse why don’t you do the same? If you happen to lose it, and if honesty finds it, you will have a better chance of getting a call. Aox


One thought on “Lost and found

  1. Great story. And a great reminder. I need to do that!

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