Magic Moments

Finding time to write when your life is full of living can be challenging to say the least. This week has been full of extra activities, attending school events, choir services, preparing for Christmas, giving to charity collections and so I have only been able to note down my thoughts. No doubt those thoughts will be weaved through my writings and stories on down the line but it does remind me how much can happen in one day and how easy it is to miss the little magical moments that take place every single day. It’s difficult to remember the detail when we are on autopilot or running around without taking time to reflect and observe how we are feeling and what is happening around us. Writing down the bones, and breathing life into it later, can put meat on those moments and turn a rather ordinary life into an extraordinary one that I am very grateful for. If you are not inclined to write down your thoughts it is still a beneficial exercise to take time out, to be with yourself, to lap up all the magic that is around you every single day. Enjoy and store up the magic moments, if not on a memo, perhaps in your memory and definitely in the moment as it unfolds. Live in the moment. It’s the only time we have.


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