Confessions and graditude from just another WordPress blogger

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I only started blogging in September 2011. It’s not even six months. I still don’t know what half of my dashboard is for! I told nobody for ages. A friend of mine encouraged me to let my Facebook friends know so I did. On Halloween night I got my first comment from Her message caught me off guard. With the night that was in it, and despite the wonderful message, I almost felt spooked when the comment appeared on my computer screen. The shock of it made my face go red. I must have read it one hundred times! It was like I wasn’t alone in my writing space any longer. Someone had read and appreciated my humble protection blessing. I kept getting up from the computer and sitting back down again. The children where out celebrating Halloween and a talented photographer/blogger on the other side of the world was thanking me for my beautiful blessing!

I had sent out the blessing with good intentions but I didn’t expect any thanks. I started this blog to inspire others with my writing and reflections. I didn’t expect to have followers. I took a break from blogging at the start of the year to refocus and address other things in my life that needed attention. I didn’t expect to be missed.

Thank you for the warm welcome back. I feel my writing space is filling up with creative and caring fellow bloggers and cyber friends. It makes this isolating but passionate pastime of mine less isolating and gives me so much pleasure and inspiration to read your blogs. For that I thank you, and to Katie in Sante Fe, you have no idea what your message meant to me. For one, it inspired me to keep blogging.

To my followers and to those who visit, thank you for taking the time to read my posts and for your kind encouraging comments.

Keep Well, Aileen


8 thoughts on “Confessions and graditude from just another WordPress blogger

  1. smjones123 says:

    What is this ‘followers’ term you keep using??? LOL. I’ve been blogging since late October and don’t have nearly as many of these creatures trailing behind me as you do. I think that means you are doing something quite right!!!! May your good fortune continue as long as you live. πŸ™‚

  2. I remember when I got my first comment. I was surprised, happy, shocked, and just over all blown away. I didn’t expect anyone to care about my writing. I was just doing it for me….just to get the words out so they weren’t weighing down on my shoulders. Now, almost 4 months later, I have thrived on blogging. It has become my safe place….the place I can come to and just let my feelings out, and have that be that. Plus, without blogging, I never wou;d’ve connected with you. Since the beginning, you’ve stuck by me….and months later…we still follow each other. It’s great. πŸ™‚

  3. hisflyness1 says:

    I love blogging, I get to write the things that I don’t get a chance to say and meet new people. Great post!

  4. I am so honored that my comment made such an impression on you. Your Samhain blessing was what I needed among a world that doesn’t think that way. So your words really touched me.

    I started blogging in September also, and the responses always touch me and support me and help me move forward too.

    All my best, and keep writing! πŸ™‚

  5. ailialana says:

    Thank you Katie.

  6. ailialana says:

    To good reasons to keep blogging. Thanks for reading.

  7. ailialana says:

    lolllllllllll…Wordpress term, not mine. I’m just so pleased they are guided here because I’m not sure how it all works. Just keep blogging I think ..Good luck to you too!

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