Every day is St. Valentine’s Day



While she rests easy in her peaceful place with a ghost of a smile upon her pretty face I read the notes she left me before she fell asleep, the one I found on my pillow, the one I found in my bed, the one I found beside her sleeping head. I love you Mammy Bear I really really do. I just want you to know how much I really really love YOU. xoxox


6 thoughts on “Every day is St. Valentine’s Day

  1. I bet you keep those for a long, long time! Sooo sweet!

  2. Missus Tribble says:

    That’s absolutely adorable!

    I’ve only just realised that I wasn’t signed up to get your posts by email. Sorted now! 🙂

  3. ailialana says:

    Thankyou…have some more to post shortly ..watch this space.

  4. ailialana says:

    Like a squirral, I’m gathering them up. I have a special box…just for my love letters.

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