Easter Chicks


Happy Easter everyone! I’m a little late in posting this but I have a good excuse. I have been enjoying my Easter Sunday with my baby chicks! Hope you all had as much fun as I had. What’s that? What did I do? Well… Chick No.1 took the shivers sometime during the night and needed a lot of TLC today. He still has them but he’s a great patient and a few reruns of David Attenborough’s Planet Earth served up with a good hearty dinner and a log fire seemed to do the trick. Hot drinks and a foot rub seemed to help too and knocked him out! When he keeled over I chilled a little too since I got no sleep last night. Why’s that? Well Chick No. 2 took flight during the night quite literally, his first trip away from his family, his mum and full-time carer…Yeah…that’s me, and my heart is singing all day. I am so proud of him, the way he tried so hard to shake himself out of a deep sleep at 2am this morning , the way he tried to help me dress him while he was semi-conscious, the way he turned to me in the car and said “aeroplane?” The way he looked when I said “Yes!” His smile lit up the middle of the night at a time when the roads and streets were deserted . Even the cats had given up. But most of all I loved the way he offered his kiss to me before he climbed into the airport coach, his way of saying ‘goodbye.’ By offering a high-five to his carers for the week he said  ‘hello’ to a whole new world and a hundred thousand kindnesses from strangers that will become his friends. Chick No. 3? She cried when I told her how her big bro’ took to travelling like a pro. She also said she missed him – and she will, but for a whole week she will not mind having me all to herself…well nearly…Chick no. 1 is now awake and his temperature is soaring!  Thank goodness Chick No.3 is imaginative and can fill her time making wonderful creations like the one above. She just gets busy when Mother hen’s work is never done until her turn comes round again.


3 thoughts on “Easter Chicks

  1. Collette says:

    How brilliant is this.xo

  2. ailialana says:

    Ahhh…and we didn’t get to see you!..It’s all in front of us…x

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