First Anniversary of consciously taking care of myself

A few posts back I posted about a decision I made this time last year to consciously take better care of myself. Your can read about it here. I also shared in that post I wasn’t sure how I was going to celebrate it. I only knew I would be celebrating! As it turns out, tomorrow I will be putting the finishing touches to a few of my writing projects and I will definitely have them wrapped up and packed off to fend for themselves very shortly in the big, bad, scary fast paced, cut-throat, exciting critical and ‘keepmewaitingwithbaitedbreath’ agent and publishing world.

Thing is, I can’t believe it! One of the things I decided to put at the top of my list of ‘Consciously taking care of Moi’ was my passion i.e. writing. I wanted to get back to and finish a number of writing projects that I had started.  Now, here I am, one year later, with a blog, my newspaper column, one children’s book complete, two others at the editing stages and first draft of my second non-fiction book. It’s all a work in progress but it is also true, what ever you put your mind to will manifest and I can’t imagine celebrating any better way than kissing my ‘babies’ good luck and waving them off…

Thanks to you for hanging in here…I know you are all being neglected but once I get a handle on each project I will be better paced and hopefully my blogging habit (reading and writing) will resume on a more regularly basis again and hopefully enlighten your day. Maybe this time next year I’ll have heard some good news from my babies…Wish me luck!


2 thoughts on “First Anniversary of consciously taking care of myself

  1. Lots of luck! Look forward to hearing about your projects, your kids and you.

  2. Well, that must be a big load off your mind! Good luck!!!

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