Mr Sun has reconnected us and disconnected us…almost!


Oh…So that is what the Swilly is for.

Thank you Mr Sun. We are so grateful that you are hanging out with us in Inishowen. Our pristine beaches are such a joy and it's great to see the children paddle in Lough Swilly without a scarf, coat and wellie boots.

Everyone is happy and wearing vests and cropped trousers, and summer dresses. I haven't cooked inside all week but I have had some gorgeous meals out of my picnic basket. Only for you, this would not be possible nor would I have been able to remind the clothes line of its use. There is something really fresh and magical about a line of washing dried by you in a sultry breeze.

Mr Sun, please stay around this summer. We really do need to feel your warmth and see everyone smiling. We are all funny colours now, pink, blotched, red, brown, golden but most of all we look healthy and glowing and the only rush on is the rush to the beach to spend time with you. Mr Sun we're loving it!


No time to pose. No time for snaps. No orchestrated photographs. (I did try. They totally ignored me!) Don't you love how children are just too busy to stop enjoying the moment.


Now, what are you two doing under there? Screening the sun? Sharing secrets? Swapping notes? What's that noise I here? Sounds like buttons being pressed. Giggles. Music? Electronic type music. You's aren't playing…? Couldn't be…on the beach? Surely not. Could they? Don't ask!


8 thoughts on “Mr Sun has reconnected us and disconnected us…almost!

  1. now that is everyday magic. πŸ™‚

  2. ailialana says:

    It is! And we are so grateful for Mr Sun. I think because we have so little warm weather we are so grateful for it when it arrives.

  3. Brigitte says:

    Love this, Aileen and the pics are wonderful. Ah-h, sunshine, it can make all the difference, sometimes, huh? :).

  4. kewsmith says:

    So nice. I miss the feeling and smell of sheets dried on the clothes line. My area is a bit windy and dusty for outside drying. Lovely thoughts.

  5. pharphelonus says:

    Lol. Kids and their games, huh?

  6. hmmmm… I can feel the sand under my toes! πŸ™‚

  7. ailialana says: you doing? Good I hope. Are you back blogging again?

  8. Yes, m’am. I am back! Also back to trying to find work. They say ‘all in God’s time’ but I feel like buying him a new watch!!! ;^)

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