Still waiting for your ship to come in?


Schools out, summers in and big ships are sailing on the ally ally oh this weekend in Greencastle.

When Mum used to sing this nursery rhyme to all seven of us it is quite possible she never seen a boat, never mind a ship, in landlocked Tyrone but I do remember my first trip on a boat from Warrenpoint to O’meath for my first holy communication celebration. That day I had a grin on my face as if my mouth had split. Anyone would have thought my ship had come in and in a way it did. I probably had to wait until my confirmation for another day out—not like our wee’ns! Nowadays, they are out more than they are in! I’m planning to take them for a few days out over the hols and that’s how I found myself reading up on the Clipper Challenge Race to  learn more about it.

I knew it was a Round the World Yacht Race but I didn’t know it is folk like you and me who are racing!  They come from all walks of life, from all corners of the globe and the only thing they have in common is that they submitted a form, paid their dues and committed to living their dream—40,000 miles of ocean racing. They didn’t wait for their ship to come in, they sent out their wish out and a ship came back with their name on it.

The Clipper Round the World Yacht Race is a unique opportunity to experience a rare freedom but our life journey is also a unique opportunity. Sometimes waiting for your ship to come in doesn’t pay off. This phase comes for the olden days when people in ports and harbours had shares in trading ships When the ships came back from overseas, with tea, spices and other valuable goods they were paid a share of the profits. Hence the phrase ‘when my ship comes in.’ Many ships were lost to storms and piracy, so only the ones that completed the journey made a profit for the owners—in  the days when communication to and from the ships was impossible. Now, with all the communication systems in the world…are you still waiting for your dreams to set sail?

Well, here’s the bright side…we don’t have to hang around and wait for our ship to come in with valuable commodities because the greatest commodity we have is LIFE.

If you can’t see your ship on the horizon, go out and meet it. If your heart and soul are aching for something different, if your mind is harbouring a dream, can you risk not sending it out? Are you ok with going through the rest of your life wondering “what if?” Because the “what if?” will happen. If you continue to allow yourself to fall prey to the hoping-and-waiting syndrome, very quickly you will find yourself looking back instead of forward.

So settle your mind and consult your heart. Untie your dreams from the harbour of your mind. Make a plan. One dream at a time; a passion, a talent, a long-term wish, a gift, your heart’s desire. Send it out… Acknowledge your fear like an old friend. Calibrate your compass. Take consistent, persistent action. Set sail. Happy dream making and if you want to see how it’s done, head over to Greencastle this weekend and welcome the stuff that dreams are made of.

© Aileen McGee


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