It’s stuff that dreams are made of…a windfall of 12 million euro and a pile of change. Can you imagine it? Someone doesn’t have too. It’s already happened to them. Their dreams have come true by doing a quick pick in Bundoran and their good luck has the rest of us wistful wondering what it would be like to win the lotto and what unearth would we do with it?

The morning after the good news story had travelled from Bundoran to Inishowen I was in a cafe having a quick cup of tea while waiting on an appointment.  It was heart warming to feel the excitement in the air for the lucky person.  The staff were teasing each other, laughing at the idea of winning, nodding and agreeing that they wouldn’t be standing making tea but drinking something cool at the side of a swimming pool with sea view in some exotic location. A young lad had his arms folded with a wide grin telling the man beside him at the next table what he would spend it on. The man finished chewing his mouthful of breakfast and took a good drink of tea before saying “Spend it? That’s not spending. That’s squandering!” “That’s the only thing you would do with that kind of money, most of it would be squandered.” said another. I was at the other side of the cafe but silently I disagreed with him thinking of all the holes I could fill up with it. By the time family, friends and chosen charities were sorted there wouldn’t be much to squander but the conversation turned to “Would it make you any happier?”

There is a truckload of research that suggests otherwise. Allegedly, winning the lottery will buy you a lot of fancy things but winners have never been able to buy themselves happiness no matter how many number of zeroes in their bank account. The young lad in the cafe wasn’t convinced. He folded his arms tighter round his chest and pushed back causing the front legs of his chair to rise up of the floor. “Sure it would. You could have everything you ever wanted.” The words from that Bruno Mars song “I want to be a billionaire” came to mind. What young person doesn’t dream of being rich and being able to afford whatever they want? But he was the only young lad in the place and his optimism was swallowed up by a bunch of cynics that were probably secretly wishing they had won the 12 million themselves.  “A truck load of money would be the end of ye.” “The only friends you’d have would be a pile of hanger-ons and beggars.” “You wouldn’t get a minute’s peace.” But a lady in a green jacket was having none of it. “I hardly get a minute’s peace any way; sure I might as well be rich and tortured than poor and tortured. Everyone laughed as a splash of sun spilled over the floor.

Summer looks like it is coming one day at a time this year but as long as it keeps coming with some good news stories I think we will all be a whole lot happier and in the mood to chat the morning away about someone’s else’s good fortune. I don’t do the lotto on a regular basis but perhaps I’ll start. I’ll not get carried away or anything, sure the chances of winning are nearly zilch but then again, someone has to win the money. You never know whose big win they could be talking about next and sure it’s always nice to dream…Well done to the lucky winner!