I love words but some words seem too complicated when you meet them. Like Autism or Ayurveda. It was Autism that led me to exploring the relationship between health and food. When I came across Ayurveda I was finding it hard enough to chew on autism so I quickly dismissed it until last week.

I was buying some loose green tea at a craft market. In between a row of apple and mint and a row of Ginseng, I found a packet of Ayurveda, all on its own, innocently waiting to be picked up. I purchased the packet and took it home. After a spot of googling, I discovered that Ayurveda is a type of complementary medicine that originated in India whose sole aim is to provide health and happiness, not only in body but heart and mind as well.

Everyone is impartial to a little health and happiness so I thought I would share with you the five secrets of Ayurveda according to Dr  Suhas Kshirsagar, an internationally recognized leader in the ancient science of Ayurvedic medicine.

It’s that word secret that kept me reading. We all love secrets! Turns out, it all sounded terribly familiar to some things I do and promote in this little corner of the Independent. So before you dismiss Ayurveda, read on, you already know four of the five secrets…

The first secret is to spend time in nature. You’ve read it here before. There is no better place than Inishowen to fill up our lungs with fresh air and enjoy the gifts of nature to calm the mind and rejuvenate your spirit.

The second secret is to  Keep All Moving Parts Moving. (Isn’t that the same as exercise?) Still, I liked the way Dr Suhas Kshirsagar described the body as a complex machine that needs to be well oiled, lubricated, and moving to promote easy and deep sleep. Hmmm…he hasn’t met Cian!

The third secret is a no brainer. Eat Right, Eat Light, and Be Bright: Ayurveda emphasises the importance of foods that are simply made in and made by nature. These should be the mainstay of our diet.

Now, you are going to have to google the fourth secret or get someone to google it for you. Basically, Ayurveda suggests you Know Your Mind-Body Type or Dosha: In Ayurveda, every decision about our health is based on an understanding of a person’s individual mind-body type or dosha. If you google Ayurveda and Mind-Body Type and take a few minutes to complete the quiz, you will have your very own dosha in no time at all. Your dosha will help you make better choices to correct any imbalances and return to your innate state of good health. Happy Days! I love the fifth secret.  Be Happy for No Good Reason: Happy people are more likely to be healthy and productive. So throw your arms in the air, jump up and down, kick off your shoes and do a jig where ever you are or just take a quiet moment to reflect on all the good things in your life.  Celebrate that you are alive, well and happy for no reason at all.

Maybe this is all old hat to you. After all, the row of Ayurveda tea was well picked over—someone  know its secret—but  I’m glad there was one packet left that lead me back to the art of living simply, to maintain good health in mind and body. By the way, the leaves made a lovely refreshing cup of tea and I have now learnt to pronounce its name, Ah-yer-vey-duh! Easy when you know how…