We all have our problems. That’s a pretty common statement but it’s what we do with them that matters. Do you have a tendency to face problems head on or do you run away from them?
I normally want to hide under a duvet but experience has taught me that’s not such a good idea. Still, it is a natural reaction. Ignoring, putting things off, tossing and turning at night, burying our heads in the sand are all behaviours we do instead of confronting what is uncomfortable for us. Yet, without dealing with what we need to deal with, we will still experience pain, sickness or tension in our bodies. If the discomfort of our problems keeps recurring then we need to address what is making us unwell so we can take steps to confront what is bothering us.

For the sake of our mental and physical health, it is important to pay attention to our bodies and minds. It is also good practice for parents to teach their children to become aware and recognise the sound of alarm bells in the body.  They sound out through our feelings and awareness of uncomfortable negative emotions, worry, stressful thoughts or aches, pains and tensions in the body. If we ignore how we feel nothing gets sorted.

Some of us are so good at ignoring how we feel, we don’t even realise that these internal signals are our warning bells, even to the point were people get good at learning to live with discomfort, heart aches, mental torture, pain and sickness in the body and make it their everyday life. If people make this a habit over a long period of time, they train themselves to be comfortable living with the discomfort. When that happens they begin to forget what it is even like to feel relaxed and comfortable. They forget the last time they laughed and enjoyed positive emotions or what it’s even like to have beautiful relaxed thoughts going through their head. They forget what it feels like to have a pain free comfortable relaxed body. They have become so used to living with and putting up with discomfort in their lives and in some cases it even becomes uncomfortable to even try to bring comfort back as they are so used to living with their old friend discomfort.
Seek support if you need help in having a look at any discomfort things in your life to steer you back on to the path of pure comfort of living a happy life from your heart and soul. By support I don’t necessary mean professional help. Someone you can trust and confide in may be all you need to lighten the load. Sharing a problem with a close friend or confidante will help you examine your situation. What is causing the pain you are feeling? This is going to be the key to working your way back to positive territory.
Whatever the primary cause of the problem, that cause must be addressed first. You may or may not be able to solve the problem but at least knowing you are taking positive steps forward is one less weight to have to carry, and it will help you improve your outlook were running away will not. Life has taught me best to face problems head on because running away from problems is a race that we will never win.