Autumn – a time to get back to ourselves

In our climate, it is difficult to define the end of one season and the beginning of another. At this time of year we tend to define the end of summer as a time when things go back; school, college, the clock, the Argos catalogue. Yes, it’s back in our house too…something to do with that guy with the white beard. Along with thoughts of him and the suggestion of snow, we are in danger of missing out on the magic of autumn and its invitation to get back to ourselves. Everything about autumn invites introspection and letting go. As the light fades and leaves fall, it is the perfect time to align with nature and let go of all that is holding us back from our own happiness. Whether autumn entices you to wrap up and go for a walk, or sit by the fire with a cup of hot chocolate, ask yourself, “What is it that I need to let go of?”

Letting go is not easy. Making changes in our lives takes a lot of courage. To blow your cover, to speak your truth, is as frightening as walking down the street naked. It takes guts and a mindset that is stronger than a crowbar to oust us out of our comfort zone.

Most of us are not well practiced at the art of letting go. When we are faced with a goodbye or a challenge to change, we fight it. And, of course we lose that fight every time. The autumn comes. The leaves go. People move on. Life changes, always changes. The trees grow dormant and rest, preparing to be brilliant again in the spring. It happens whether we like it or not.

Autumn holds up the mirror to our own reality and reminds us of the impermanence of everything. The falling leaves and the bare branches demonstrate to us how totally natural and necessary it is to let go yet we spend our time holding on for dear life. Unlike nature, we become emotionally attached to things, to people, to food, to beliefs, to possessions that keep us stuck. We become riddled with fear of losing our identity, our personality, and our family and friendships, and form habits that prevent us from moving forward. Instead of letting go we find ourselves tangled in a web of negative self talk, commitments, and excuses to help us avoid what we need to address. It stops us changing careers, to find the time to follow our passion, or get fit and healthy. We neglect loved ones because we have too many commitments. Mostly we neglect ourselves, our dreams and desires, and our own happiness. In order to free ourselves we must learn to let go and unearth our true selves. By letting go of what does not serve us well and by trusting the same energy that changes the seasons, we can make our way back to truly being at peace and welcoming solace into our lives.

Like each leaf that loosens its grip and falls from the tree make up your mind to let go of the thoughts, the things, the persons and habits that are no longer honouring you for all that you are or all that you want to become. Just as autumn will eventually give way to the winter’s stillness until spring awakens an inner rebirth, trust that a bright future awaits you, when you let go of the past and come back to yourself.

Until next time, be you, be well, Aileen.

©Aileen McGee


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