Beware: Procrastination via iPhone

St. Valentine’s Day has come and gone and I hope you got all the love and attention you deserve. Speaking of love, my mad intense love affair has ended. It’s been going on for over a year now…ever since we met in the Vodafone shop. It took me all of five seconds to fall completely in love with my iPhone. I haven’t looked back since but I have re-negotiated the boundaries and that was when I decided we have to end it. We can’t be tied to the hip any longer.

I like my space and there are times I just want to switch off and get away from it all. I’m getting the silent treatment now, mostly because I have it on silent or in another room… somewhere awkward so I am not attempted to check my email or play angry birds. It’s just too enticing. I know there is a newer version out now but what more could it possibly do? Mine does everything but make tea. Maybe the new one prepares breakfast and the hoovering. Wish mine did that. The hoover has sat at my feet like a dog waiting to be walked many a time this past year as I played with my apps, published a blog post and responded to uplifting reminders that I sent to myself…I know…how sad is that? “‘Ring Mum’ and ‘replenish with water,’ ” my son reads, before he hands me my phone that I had left in the bathroom at a time when two of my reminders flashed up on the screen.

It’s brilliant for that, reminders. I do need reminders and I like the way it counts down important events. I can carry whole anthologies of poetry in my pocket along with essential shopping lists and the status of every flight on the plant, and a ray of entertainment for the kids including a whole range of books. The thing is someone would need to extend time. I know there are debates going on about proposed changes to the world’s time scale but one extra second? You got to be joking. I would need a full twenty-four hours of daylight to get the full benefits of my phone…or do I need to keep my procrastination habit in check?

You see, this is why the lover affair had to end. It’s feeding my procrastination habit too much so… I’m just going to have a part-time love affair with it. I still love it.  I had to lock it up for a while just so I got used to not looking at it or playing with it every two seconds. It’s just something I had to do. I need discipline. I have the same relationship with bookshops…don’t know when to leave them…lose whole days between the shelves and pages. I remember going to Belfast one year for some Christmas shopping and driving the whole two hours home with nothing. Not even Santa Claus. I just couldn’t help myself. I lost track of time and it’s the same with my 007 iPhone. It’s just too addictive but we shall have our evening rendezvous and my Dropbox will send it updates on the projects I now hope to complete on my PC. Oh! The joys of technology and if you don’t know your app from your Dropbox and haven’t a clue what I’m going on about, don’t worry your head about it… techie stuff is not labour-saving as we are lead to believe. They are a time thieves…most of the time…now where is my iPhone so I can send this to the Irish Independent? Until later, Aileen


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