Dump The Junk; Eat Real Food

I really was trying to avoid jumping onto the back of the hairy horse stories but it doesn’t seem to be going away!

The horse DNA revelations took me back to the first time I tasted horse meat—the real McCoy—in a fancy hotel in France. I remember my grandmother’s fork hovering somewhere between my nose and my tight lipped mouth. “Just try a little bit,” she said with great emphasis on the ‘little’ but from my viewpoint it looked massive. I had my eyes and nose screwed up to the roof. After all those years I can still smell it and all I could think at the time was Black Beauty! “Who in their right mind could eat their hero, Black Beauty?” But I was starving and it wasn’t the kind of place you could ask for sausages instead. Besides, my Granny made it sound like it was delicious so I tried a little piece.

It was dripping with dark brown gravy and it didn’t taste much different to beef—a bit darker, a bit tougher, a bit too much like eating Black Beauty so Granny never offered me another forkful but at least I knew it was horse meat. No one hid the fact though I do remember the looks of disapproval that travelled silently round our table and how everyone began their meal gingerly with much reservation. How things have changed! Now we walk round hyper supermarkets and throw boxes of frozen foods into our trolleys without stopping for a second to read what we are buying, and even if we did we are hardly going to find labels that specifically say “contains a little bit of Shergar” are we? Neahhh…we’re not! Ghee, we have become a real trusting bunch and not a screwed up nose in sight!

The thing is there is a bigger message here, a much bigger message. The nutrition pendulum is swinging back toward eating unaltered food that is as close as possible to the way nature made it. If the food industry really cared about what we put in our bellies, their food packaging should come with a few words of wisdom ‘Dump the junk; eat real food,’ and if we treasured our health a little more we would opt to visit the green grocers and the local butcher more frequently than multi-national food chains with touting food packaging.   Selecting healthy energizing snack foods and eating the correct amounts to restore energy balance is a life preserving habit. Everyone ought to learn how to do that in childhood, but it’s never too late to get out of bad habits and start energizing your body with real foods—fruits, vegetables, Greek style non-fat yogurt and other dairy product, seeds and nuts combined with dates, figs or raisins, eggs, fresh fish and a little meat…just select the best, go lean and know where it came from. Simple!

So while the food industry and the world beyond your kitchen is in chaos, you can create a healing happiness-filled oasis, where chaos does not reign. In the kitchen, we can create harmony, order, and wellness, the antithesis of everything in our lives that stresses and exhausts us. By the time you have worked your way through a number of recipes for the ingredients above you’ll be as strong as a horse and have a glowing complexion and mane just like Black Beauty.


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