Fun February

I suspect by now you have decluttered and organized your home, figured out life’s purpose, joined a fitness class or gym that you are still attending and are into your fifth book? No? Ah well, never mind, you have the rest of your life and a new month.

Now that we are into February we can leave the high expectations and unfulfilled promises behind or, like me, you can leave them in the spare room and shut the door! I’m referring to three baskets of photographs that I had hoped to put in albums in January. When I shared this thought with my Mum she told me I had high hopes. She only got her albums sorted three years ago and it’s a long time since she had little ones under her feet! Perhaps I’ll make a stab at it in Fun February.

I call it that because February has to be the quirkiest month of the year. The month starts off with a ramble in the fields for rushes to make our St Bridget’s Cross. “So that’s what rushes are for,” said the little five year old trotting after me one February. I smiled, nodded my head and agreed. I couldn’t think of any other purpose a rush had and ever since viewed February as the month that tips its hat to the humble rush, thanks to the St. Bridget’s creativity.  After playing and showing off our rush crosses we put them on display and settle for a bit before every other television advertisement contains the word ‘love’ or a suggestion to the holiday most referred to as Valentine’s day when happy couples get all loved up, significant females can milk it big time and hold the guys in their life ransom for his love, his wallet and anything else they fancy in the jewellery store. I’m not sure how successful they will be in these recessionary times but it’s worth a try. It’s amazing what love can do even when you’re broke! Damage usually. Either you go broke by showing your love (in the shape of a 9 carat) or get hit over the head with a mobile and suffer the cold treatment that will probably last until spring.

Valentine’s Day is not only for teenage crushes and established couples any longer. It has also become known in more recent times as Single Awareness Day or SAD in an attempt to celebrate anti Valentine’s Day as not everyone is tied to the hip and reminded by pink and red hearts and fluffy overpriced things that they are loved. Still, if you are female and have forgotten to get yourself a boyfriend by the 14th, listen up. You are in luck because this year you get a second stab at the cherry. This February you can head hunt potential suitors right up on to the 29th. It’s a woman’s prerogative so get your leap year proposals prepared and set your sights on the ‘one’ fast.

Children and teachers also love February. They are no sooner back to school but they land themselves a full weeks holiday called a mid-term break. So, all in all, there is some strange goings on in February but mostly fun things to bring us into mad march. Oh. I nearly forgot! People born in February are without a doubt the warmest, smartest, and funniest set of people. Of course I’m bias since I am one of the fortunate few to have a birthday in February to brighten up the month. If you don’t have a birthday this month, don’t worry, as sure as there is hair on a goat, it’s coming.

© Aileen McGee


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