Today is the first day of summer though you could be forgiven for thinking summer arrived a few weeks ago due to our gorgeous weather. The sunshine gives us a lift, provides us with Vitamin D and a happy disposition but when the sun goes behind the clouds does your mood turn blue again? Are you in a troubled state of mind and long for some inner peace? If you are, you are not alone.

Today the whole world is in a state of conflict and so are we. There are conflicts within us and outside us but it’s the conflict inside our heads that trouble us the most. So how does one find inner peace?

All of us from time to time look for peace in all the wrong places…a new car, a new relationship, a fat bank account, a new washing machine (mine is just about to give up the ghost) but do our materialistic desires turn into true blue happiness and inner peace?

‘Things’ can provide a feeling of contentment (and clean clothes) on a superficial level but profitable, pain free and perfect lives do not always equal clarity, composure and calm—the   zillionaires in the celebrity gossip magazines are not exactly gushing peace and joy and happiness! So is it possible to find inner peace in the chaos, confusion and calamity of our daily lives?  I believe it is if we take the time out to invite calmness into our lives. Peace is really a state of mind and if you want to find some inner peace there is only one place you are going to find it and that is inside you.

Inner peace is about managing your mind and your energies and taking time to bath in a sea of positive energy, To understand what I’m talking about, here’s a simple exercise for you to do.

Lean back into your chair and close your eyes. Let your breathing remain normal. Listen to the sound of your breath. Now slowly, let go of all your thoughts racing through your mind. It requires a certain amount of patience, practice and mind control but you can and will do it if you put your mind to it. Allow them to come and go but do not home in on any while focusing on the rise and fall of your breath. Remain still and let your body go about doing its involuntary functions. The state that you now find yourself in is known as inner peace. It is known as inner peace because you are at peace with yourself.

Taking time to be still will help you find inner peace. Each day, treat yourself to you, five, ten, fifteen minutes of true bliss. Perhaps you may like to visit a quiet place—a park, the shore, a hilltop or somewhere in the countryside. Close your eyes disconnect yourself from the world and connect with nature. All you have to do is focus on your breath, empty your mind and just be. If you wish you can set a timer or just naturally come out of your relaxed state.

When you return to your daily chores, be grateful for all that you have, even tired old washing machines. Gratefulness has a special connection with peace within. Be comfortable with yourself, your body, your mind, your soul. It will help in lessening your internal conflicts. Nobody or no ‘thing’ can give you inner peace. It is for you to discover and experience your own peace, your own ‘sunshine,’ if you like that you can draw strength from, time and time again, when the sun goes behind the clouds.