Homemade TeaLC

Honey and lemon. It’s my answer to everything. Cold days, sore throats, flu’s and colds, and when everyone and everything is feeling under the weather. Sometimes I make it and drink it just because! When my sister rang up to tell me she was suffering the horrors of a horrendous cold I suggested she make some honey and lemon. With a voice that could sandpaper wood she told me she was warming some lemon on the stove. Honey and lemon was Mummy’s answer to everything too and that’s why I associate honey and lemon with tender loving care. I was probably under a few blankets and off school when I had a cup of honey and lemon in my hand.

As I write this, Missy is still in bed. She has been off school all week and her voice has gone on holiday. Listless, with heavy eyes, she has tried to read and entertain herself in her less lethargic moments and because she has no energy you would hardly know she was in the house. I have honey and lemon on tap, Vicks and holy water on her chest and loads of TLC.

Caring for her big bro is a completely different story. Mowghi is moping about. He doesn’t know what is wrong with him. Not only is he dosed, he is also pretty sick and wants to go to school. He is out of routine and is struggling with feeling under the weather. Visually, he looks like a pasty-faced Garfield and the hyperness has given in to a more listlessness demeanour. He keeps getting up and down from the sofa. He wants to carry on as if everything is normal but his poor body needs to rest.

The only benefits as a parent when the kids are unwell are the absence of noise and the need for Mummy cuddles. The downside of being a parent when you’re sick is, well, you’re just not allowed to be sick. And, if you do happen to get sick, the little and not so little people in your life still need fed and stuff ironed. If you’re all sick at the same time, one big duvet with lot’s of TLC going both ways helps, along with Netflix’s and honey and lemon.

Honey has antibacterial and antioxidant properties and soothes sore throats. Lemon juice boosts the immune system and is a powerful antibacterial which helps shrink swollen throat tissue, and loosens congestion. For the kids, most of the time I make it purely with honey and lemon just like my Mum did for me.  Many a sore throat has been soothed, and cold fought, with honey and lemon. It’s the only thing in his favourite Angry Birds mug that puts a half smile on Mowghi’s face at the minute. So, if you feel it in your fingers and feel it in your toes but most of all feel it in your throat and nose or just want a comfort boost, help yourself to a honey and lemon drink. If you fancy trying a Lemon and Ginger Honey Tea with extra health benefits try out this recipe. Earl Grey boosts energy, Chamomile fights infection and relaxes muscles and Ginger is an anti-inflammatory that sooths an upset stomach, and breaks down mucus. Enjoy and keep well!


Makes: 1 serving


2 thin slices peeled ginger

1 chamomile, or early grey, tea bag

boiling water

½ lemon, juiced

1 teaspoon honey