I am working on a few writing projects at the moment, finishing one piece, editing another, drafting something else and though I love writing, sometimes I find that I lose all inspiration. My own words end up driving me crazy and I just want to forget the whole thing. How come the one thing I love to do can be so hard and why do I not just pack it in? Well, I got my answer scribbled on a decorative sign for sale when I was er…window shopping!

If you don’t live for something you’ll die for nothing. It was like an ‘in your face’ reminder that I was procrastinating again and had no more need to be window shopping than half the country had sitting out all night to purchase Gareth Brook tickets! Now, Gareth Brooks is a talented artist and a fantastic storyteller but, am I going to get a minder for my babies and risk getting piles on a cold pavement floor just so I can get a ticket to his concert? No, I’m afraid not. But many did so where does the motivation come from to do just that? It’s admirable and I would love half of their mindset to get me back on track!

I guess it comes down to the fact that if you want something badly enough you’ll find a way. I can’t fathom why half the population wanted Gareth Brook tickets so badly but obviously he had a lasting effect on the Irish population. Perhaps it was pure nostalgia. Did fans have good memories of him and wanted to see him again for old time’s sake? Or perhaps they think he is absolutely brilliant and couldn’t possibly miss him? Or maybe some folk got caught up in the hype? Who knows? But their hysteria and the sign in the window got me thinking about what motivates us and unmotivates us to do the things that we really want to do. How do we fill up our days and weeks with stuff that really has got nothing to do with our dreams or passions?

Resistance is the invisible force that rises up to block anyone who wants to accomplish anything. If you want to do something worthwhile, this force will come against you. It will try to convince you that you should take a nap before getting started, or wait until tomorrow. It will make you feel bored, grouchy, totally uninterested in doing what needs to be done. The only way to take down this enemy is to do the work.

I really didn’t feel like writing but after reading the writing on the wall, literally, I headed back home and sat at my desk and open a Word document. That afternoon I clocked up a thousand words. Happens pretty much every time if I just get my butt in the chair and manage to stay off the internet and out of town long enough to write something.

So the next time you feel unmotivated to do something that you could have sworn you’d love to do, push past the lack of inspiration and just go do it. The sign in the window did hit home because I love to write, to create and inspire so it’s simple really. We just need to get up every day and do what our hearts are calling us to do. That way we will live with passion and that is something…and if your passion happens to be Gareth Brooks I hope you bagged a ticket!