I came across a competition in a magazine recently requesting nominations for Woman Hero of the Year. There were different categories up for grabs, Best Female Entrepreneur, Young Woman of the Year, Mum of the Year and the list went on. My head started to buzz thinking of all the great women I know that I could nominate. To pick one nomination proved an impossible task but when I noticed it was an Australian magazine/competition the pressure was off.  My heroes didn’t have an Australian address but it got me thinking how many women in my life do great things quietly, simply living with great heart; juggling motherhood, work, and family without any one taking notice. However, I doubt few of the women that came to mind would consider themselves heroes.

Our heroes are usually larger than life characters. We admire them for their gifts, looks and talents. We look up to them for doing great things but funny things can happen when you are in the presence of someone who has accomplished great things.  Not only do you meet your hero, you also meet another human being…a real person, flesh and blood. If you have ever met your hero you will understand what I mean! That moment can come as a surprise. I stood for ages for an autograph once but by the time my turn came my ‘hero’ was dying for the bathroom. I got the honour of taking her to the ladies, holding her things while she did her business and lending her my lipstick! It was interesting but just not what I was expecting. We want our heroes to be perfect, invincible, and untouchable but they rarely are.  Heroes have flaws too. We are all subject to human fragilities and weak bladders.

Some people are born into their greatness, while others have it thrust upon them or go seeking to fame and great things on reality TV shows.  Others are quite happy to put all their energy and commitment into creating a family, going to work, come home and living life, day to day without looking for brownie points.  Each of us has the potential for greatness in anything we put our mind to.  We are human, fallible and talented in our own ways.  We can’t all be great but we can all find meaning in our lives nonetheless. Finding meaning in our lives may not have anything to do with doing anything amazing.

I doubt my list of nominees value their own worth or see what I see in them in the midst of preparing reports for work while peeling spuds for the kids, and the countless other daily responsibilities undertaken which are often perceived as mundane necessities that prevent us from getting on with achieving something that will give meaning to our lives. Yet, sometimes it is the everyday mundane tasks and family life that give us structure to our day and quite often add meaning to our life allowing for the value of our life to grow and thrive.

Most people, including VIPs and celebrities, often quote they are most content enjoying ordinary every day simple things. Our heroes usually name home and family and friends as giving meaning to their lives. We all can get meaning from life by being connected to family and friends and by creating and valuing what we do on a daily basis. So take time today to consider the people that are in your life. It is quite possible that you will become aware of the many heroes around you, supporting you, doing great things, quietly.