Here’s to sunshiny mornings and brighter evenings. This happy ‘spring has sprung’ feeling is good. It feels a bit like how I imagine squirrels feel when they come out of hibernation but I doubt if they survey the damage in the same way as we do when the first blink of sunlight hits the dirty windows and shows up the dust in long forgotten places. Being cooped up in our dreys…er…homes all winter creates stuffy clutter. There is nothing else for it but a seriously spring clean inside and out and it makes it a lot easier if you are good at letting go of things to make room for the new.

My mother used to joke to everyone not to stand too still or too close to me because I might throw them out. According to Mum I throw everything out but the thing is Mum throws nothing out. It’s unbelievable what she has stashed away. We were heading for a walk one evening recently and my little Missy wanted a pair of socks to keep her warm. Mum went looking and returned with what looked like a pair of sprank new socks. On closer examination of the Sidney harbour and kangaroo design they were a pair of socks I had brought back from Australia over twenty five years ago. I was very moved by the fact that my daughter ended up wearing them so sometimes hoarding pays off. In principle, however, I am not a hoarder. I love getting rid of stuff. It’s liberating, especially if I think someone else will benefit from something I no longer need or use.

It’s not easy throwing away things but to keep living space clear and fresh we do have to be honest and ask ourselves if everything in our environment is serving us well. After all, our home is our santuary. A good spring cleaning of our homes can do wonders for our personal energy. Nine out of ten times our ‘things’ are only cluttering up space and it is vital to let go of the old before we can make way for the new…so what are you waiting on?

For those of us with a tendency to hoard, de-cluttering can be daunting, but the real hurdle is just figuring out where to start. In fact starting is the crux of anything. I was reading one of those ‘how to’ books recently that included the author’s magic formula for achieving goals. It went something like this:

  1. The first goal is to start
  2. The second goal is to keep going.
  3. The third goal is to finish.

Thank goodness I didn’t spend a fortune on the book but there is logic to this ‘magical’ formula. It’s equivalent to the Nike logo ‘Just Do It.’

I think it doesn’t matter where you start or when you do it as long as you start and do it to the end. Even starting and completing small jobs are surprisingly rewarding, like tidying up your DIY box or cleaning out the inside of the powder draw of your washing machine. No one else notices these small jobs but you do and you feel better for sorting them.

I must admit, when the first rays of sunshine beamed through my smudged windows and into neglected corners I did feel a little overwhelmed but I now have accepted the fact that I am not going to spend the whole of sunny spring indoors organizing every nook and cranny but will start with one room, one draw at a time. Surely, I will have it done by Christmas! Ah. The joys of spring!