UPDATE: Nick Jr. UK to Premiere “Puffin Rock”


Monday 18th May at 6.30pm

(repeated at 7.30pm on Nick Jr. +1)!

Tune in!

My attention was elsewhere when Missy burst through the sitting room door and asked “Mum can I have your phone?” “Why?” I asked, without looking up. “I’m entering a competition and I have to record and email my voice…now!” Missy went off with my phone and I never thought another thing about it until my phone rang a month later while I was waiting for Laura at the door of an accessories shop.

“Hello, is that Laura’s Mammy?”

“Yes. Speaking.”

“Oh, Hello, This is Dog Ears. Laura had an audition today? Do you know if she is coming?”

“Audition? What audition? I didn’t know she had an audition.”

“Did you not receive an email from us?”

“No. I don’t think I did.”

“Okay, never mind. Would it be possible for Laura to come to an audition? We can re-schedule her for the morning perhaps?”

I glanced round looking for Laura but still no sign of her. “Yes, okay…so where does she have to go?”

With all the information I went in search of Missy. I found her poking in a bargain basket on the shop counter.

“Laura, do you know anything about an audition? You were supposed to be at one today. They just called.”

“No, I don’t think so,” she said fingering a multi coloured bracelet made up of spotty beads.

“But how did they get my number? They said they sent me an email. You must know something about this?”

“I don’t think so Mum. Can I have this one?” Her arm stretched out towards me. I looked at the braided black and white leather wrist strap and thought if my daughter was any more chilled she would be horizontal.

“Is that not a boy’s wrist strap?”

“I like it.” she said. She plucked it out of the bargain basket and smiled sweetly. That was my queue to dive into my purse. I give her a few coins.

“They said they were from Dog Ears.”

“Oh,” Her eyes went big and round.  “That’s the competition I entered. I emailed them my voice.”

“Right. Well they want to meet you tomorrow at some recording studio…you want to go?”

“Yeah!” she said. She paid the shop assistant and I helped tie the tatty looking leather strap to her arm.

“We’ll have to go then so…”

The next morning I googled up the address. We arrived five minutes early at the recording studio. Laura joined a line made up of other boys and girls. They were given a few pages and told to go over the lines on the page until it was their turn. Some time later, Laura was lead from the waiting room to a small dark recording studio complete with mic and a rows of buttons and switches. It slowly dawned on me that Laura had entered no competition. It was an audition for a voice over part in a new animated cartoon called Puffin Rock that would be broadcast on RTE Junior and Nick Jr. Chris O’Dowd was the narrator and Dog Ears were looking for eight children to do the voiceovers of the characters in the cartoon. It was the first of five auditions and I’m very proud to write that all of those auditions paid off. Missy bagged the part of Silky Seal. Puffin Rock debuted this week on Monday 12th January on RTEjr! It’s on every weekday at 8:10am and 1:10pm so make sure to check it out. Well done to the Dog Ears team and to my Missy, Laura. Congratulations on your success. This Mama is very proud of you!