Put a spring in you step


The year is gathering speed. After January and February are done and dusted, time seems to step up a gear and we will arrive at Easter before we know it. Daylight Saving Time begins on Sunday 29th March and spring has sprung with some new growth popping up despite late season snow storms.  While we are waiting for the days to warm it’s a great time to put a spring in your step and be the difference that makes the difference. People with “spring” tend to be cheerful, so no more whining and complaining about whatever and shift your thinking to a more confident, energetic and buoyant you.

It’s the perfect time of year to make some positive changes in our lifestyles and spring clean your routine. Becoming aware of our behaviours and habits is often the first step to change. The Lenten season is helping me to stick to a better healthier routine and ultimately making better choices for me. A heightened awareness takes us away from the habit of doing things without thinking about what we are doing and we begin to consider other choices. Thinking healthy will have you living healthier in no time and will add that spring to your step. Approaching life in this way can help foster a more energetic, aware outlook. Some things that may help you put a spring in your step are:

Get a good sleep. Starting the day well-rested helps you feel inspired and motivated, because you have more energy to carry out your plans and it’s easier to focus when you don’t have a sleepy brain. To stay in tune with your natural sleep rhythm, don’t eat or drink within three hours of bedtime, keep away from caffeine in the early evening, and try to turn off the light at the same time every night.

Take Regular Exercise. Starting a regular exercise regime, will definitely put a spring in your step. The more you get in the habit of including daily exercise into your everyday life the more it will become your life. If you make exercise feel like hard work you will resist, so put a little fun into it by finding ways to incorporate it into your life style.

Eat Energy food. Add more fresh fruit and vegetables to your diet, and avoid sugar fixes that give a brief, artificial “high.” Instead, choose anti-fatigue, high-energy snacks and a daily intake of eight to 12 cups of water.

Get The Duster Out. Regardless of the time of year, doing some cleaning puts spring into your home and step! Making a few changes here and there can help you feel accomplished and refreshed. You don’t have to do anything major. Some fresh flowers on a table, a new picture or rug or some new cushions can brighten up your home giving it a fresh new look.

Try Something New. Use spring to venture out and try something new. Pick something that you are passionate about but perhaps haven’t taken the time to explore your interest. When you try something new and love it—your happiness soars.

Laugh it off. Laughter reduces the level of stress hormones, boosts the immune system and lowers blood pressure. A good sense of humour, a positive attitude, and the support of friends and family plays a part as well.

So go ahead, put the spring back in your step by resting and eating well, spring clean your home, plan a few activities with family and friends and make sure you laugh hearty the whole way to summer and beyond.