Well, like everyone else I was hoping you wouldn’t need this list but going by the weather you might be glad of it. I have drawn up a list of cheap and cheerful ways to have fun indoors for all ages that will hopefully spark some creativity until the sky turns a different colour—any colour but fifty shades of watery grey! So here goes…Cut it out and stick it up for immediate reference!

  1. Create a vision board… plan your future with pictures and words from magazines.
  2. Play Cards. If Mum and Dad can’t remember the rules Google or make up your own
  3. Bake. Roll, cut, make funny shapes, decorate and toss a coin on who get to lick the spoon!
  4. Pamper each other. Paint the nails, try out new hairstyles…don’t forget the foot rubs.
  5. Build a Den and camp indoors. Don’t forget the flashlights!
  6. Throw a clothing swap party with your friends.
  7. Enjoy a homemade Bubbly Bath- ½ cup mild soap, 1 tbsp honey, 1 egg white.
  8. Invent a game, a group story or poem, make up words and give them a meaning.
  9. Band all devices and talk- about favorite things or greatest fears or just tell a story.
  10.  Communicate in code by writing messages in code, using mirrors to write in reverse.
  11. Make and bury a time capsule for future archeologists to find.
  12. De-clutter and create space (donate unwanted but useable goods to charity.)
  13. Make up a new clapping game and a song to clap along with.
  14. Have an indoor treasure hunt!
  15. Host a family fashion show wearing each other’s clothes.
  16. Dust down a passion you have neglected, a musical instrument, painting, writing etc.
  17. Become an expert on something that fascinates you. Google, research, give a talk.
  18. Make a paper airplane from previously drawn-on paper and fly it, avoiding all lamps!
  19. Explore a world map and mark out ten places you want to go. Make a travel plan.
  20. Pour over old photo albums and take a trip down memory lane.
  21. Shoot and premier your very own movie. Pull the curtains, pop the corn and let it roll!

22.  Make a Magic sack, put some books into it and slowly, slowly,—pick a book to read!

  1. Make a sock monkey…stuff and sew some buttons and smiles and create a family.
  2. Have a pretend binocular scavenger hunt from all windows of the house!
  3. Make a list of 100 things you’re thankful for. You will surprise yourself!
  4. Set up a blog. Pick a topic you are interested in and start writing!
  5. Make some jewelry with old buttons beads and thread…make one for Dad!
  6. Get out the board games you got at Christmas time and battle down the hatches.
  7. Create an obstacle course in a tight space using painter’s tape and streamers.
  8. Make a kite to fly when the rain goes away and the wind stays behind.
  9. Make a list of 35 things to do inside during an Irish summer, okay enough of inside…
  10. Venture outside and pot some plants in the garden shed.
  11. Have a splashing time in the muddy puddles… sure to put a smile of young faces.
  12. Cycle to the beach. Collect seashells, save them with some sand in a decorative bowl.
  13. Jump on the first bus/train/boat that comes along with no plan where you are going!


That’s all I have room for…now I need to go and feed the kids…I think I smell something burning…Have fun and enjoy the great indoors!