Writing projects update

You haven’t heard from me in nearly two weeks and now two posts in one day (and I seriously need to catch up with your blogs, writing etc.) but I just wanted to write note to self and everyone else who loves to complete a project, especially a writing project, I completed my first children’s manuscript today. Yeah…now being piloted with the local school children (some of who I met on world book day…they wanted to read the finished product) to get a little feedback and then I’m going to send my baby out! That will take a bit of time because I have to do my research on who and where to send it to. My publishers who published my first book A World Of Our Own do not publish children’s books so it takes time to read up and send out query letters etc.

In the meantime I will be working on my second children’s book. I have completed the first draft…now for the rewrites. My second non-fiction novel is drafted as well but it is a work in progress. I have a lot of rewriting to do but I’ll get there. Back in January I told you it was going to be a little more sporadic round here so now you know I am doing what I said I would do…I am concentrating on the writing projects I have started but not have finished. The writing is in the finishing. Wish me luck!