The B word.

With the week that’s in it, The B word, the F word and the C word has the potential to grind you to a screeching halt. In case of misinterpretation, I’m referring to the budget, finance and costing cuts. It’s often said money makes the world go round but every year at this time it has the potential to make your head go round, and round again!

The word budget sounds like the ultimate cure for amnesia! That said, like money, it is one of life’s necessities. On a national scale, we haven’t had very good financial role models and the recent annual budgets have put the fear into family finances. We all have had to find ways to avoid the stress of it all. Adapting a few good practices such as tracking my spending, pretending I don’t have a credit card and becoming a bargain hunter has helped me stick to my personal budget but continuing to enjoy all the simple things in life, that no amount of money could buy, has helped me sustain a positive attitude to life when the chips are down.

Before Mowghi was diagnosed, I was working full time while running a private consultancy the rest of the time. Money was not an issue until I give up my career and pay check to home school Mowghi. For the first time in my life, I found myself struggling with many things, including financial difficulties that were beyond my control. Hard circumstances forced me to find ways to make money matter less and appreciate life more. So, while the country is totting up the sums at national level, allow me to suggest some ways that may help you keep things in perspective while trying to contend with the confines of a budget.

Find a passion This could be a hobby, an interest, or something you want to do. If you can find something you truly care about, investing your time in your passion will make you happier than any six-figure salary.

Keep fit for free. Get outdoors. Start walking, running, hiking, and swimming. When it is too dark, or too cold, consider the free yoga and exercise classes on You Tube. There are many levels to choose from and they will all give you a reason to get up in the morning, and feel positive and alive.

Mind your mental health. As well as your body, it is equally important to mind your mental health when money is tight. Words of encouragement help when you need a little reassurance. Guided meditations and loads of inspiration can be found online, in app form, or in books and on certain radio and televisions stations. Give it a go!

Find true friends One positive effect of lack of money means it’s easy to find out who your real friends are. Real friends will not mind you stating your financial situation clearly. They will understand and be happy to do things you can do, for less, together.

Spend precious fun time with children. Children are walking, talking miracles! Spending time with your children (or nieces/nephews) means you’re growing a bank of memories that you’ll cherish for the rest of your life – and that really is something money can’t buy.

Believe in miracles Above all else, believe that the sun is always shining in your life even when the sky turns grey and moody. Repeat mantras like: I am healthy, wealthy and well.  It’s good for the soul, and it is much better to hear your own positive inner voice than someone else’s negative outer one, harping on about that B word.