Think positive and beat the blues…because you are worth it

Penny for your thoughts? They could be worth a lot more if they are positive. Who hasn’t heard of the law of attraction by now? Positive thinking can change your life and make you rich apparently, but what about the days when positivity shuttles to the corners of your mind and angst takes up residence for a few days, weeks or even months.

For my friend B, it has been years. I called her up last week to see if she wanted to meet. Silence gnawed at my ear until she answered. “I think, I’ll leave it Aileen, the weather’s terrible.” She eventually gave in to my coaxing but only just. “Ok…so, I’ll see you in the morning but… if you don’t hear from me around eight, you’ll know I’m not coming.”

The next morning eight O’clock came and went. The rain pelted against the window as I got the kids ready for school. At 9.40am I received a text message. On the bus will be there at ten thirty c u soon. At the bus station she appeared through the mizzle. I ran to her, arms wide and laughing. We squealed like two teenagers. I couldn’t believe she had come.

We had a great day. B had hot chocolate for breakfast and a semi-panic attack when I disappeared from view to try on a pair of boots. She shouted my name out loud. The woman next to me looked concerned. I straightened up, telling her, “It’s just my friend. She either thinks I’m lost or she’s lost.” The woman laughed. She thought I was joking. With the new boots tied together on my feet, I waddled in the direction of B’s voice. When she caught sight of me she thought I had pee-peed myself. She collapsed with laughter on to a black leather pouf with a rainbow of bobbles round her neck and sorrow in her heart but the sorrow was not winning for once.

B had spent years of not living, not sleeping, not participating in life, even when others wanted her too. That’s the thing with anxiety and depression. They usually don’t want company, other than their own.

If you are feeling anxious or down, challenge your thoughts and negative habits that keep you from living the life you know you want to. Ask yourself…whose thought is that? Is it really mine? If it is not yours, change it. Crowd out any negative messages and ideas that you may have picked up from other people or experiences along the way. No matter what area of your life you want to change, start today with just one small thought that is true to you.

Brushing away tears of laughter, B leaned over the pouf and thanked me. “I think this day has done me the power of good.” “Well that makes two of us B,” I said, “hold on to that thought.”

I hope she does. It’s definitely worth more than a penny and B is worth more than she knows…and so are you. Positive thinking can help us develop healthy habits and feel better about ourselves and our circumstances. It also empowers us to let go and change what is stopping us from being true to ourselves. You may not turn into a millionaire overnight but with an open heart, and a positive mind, you will be living the life you want to live and have some fun along the way.

© Aileen McGee


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