“But that’s boring.”

Little Missy prostrated herself across the kitchen table in protest. She wanted her Saturday to be all singing and dancing. I had just told her we were going to take it easy and enjoy a day in instead of a day out. I just wanted to chill. What, with summer holidays, days out, trips away, birthday parties, sleepovers, festivals, concerts, and Sam’s homecoming I felt like I hadn’t had time to catch my breath!
“But I have nothing to do.” Miss Chatterbox moaned.

“How about tidying up your bedroom?”
“But that’s not exciting!”

A seven year old in the 21st century can be forgiven for looking to do something more exciting than tidying a room I guess but it got me thinking that it is important for her (and everybody else, including me) to be able to accept and he happy with life just as it is, when it is not exciting, when it is down right mundane, when it is just plain boring.

Most of us will have experienced an anti-climax—after a party or Christmas or some event that has been planned for and looked forward to for ages. Before you know it, it’s over and you find yourself sitting in the silence, clearing away the tables, waving good bye to a loved one and waking up to ordinary every day life.

That’s when our mood can dip and we can end up wanting and expecting life to be more exciting and fun than it actually is! Having high expectations of how life should be can leave us wanting, empty, dissatisfied, frustrated, and wishing our lives away to the next celebratory occasion at a time when perhaps we should chill and accept the mundane.


These early, cool autumn days that portend winter is a great reminder that we all need stillness and simple routine to get back to ourselves and celebrate the quiet moments of our lives as well as the all singing and dancing moments.

“But I don’t want to do that. I want to do something else.” Little Miss Chatterbox was still draped over the table resisting my decision and the flow of life.

I left her then and went outside, and started on removing the last remains of summer from my backyard. Later that day I ended up de-cluttering the cupboards under the stairs. It wasn’t the most exciting day but it was productive. That evening, I tore stripes out of yesterday’s news and adding some dry sticks I lit a match. There is nothing quite as comforting as the warmth and crackle of an open fire that gives you full permission to sit in the quiet darkness, to digest the rush and passing of summer and contemplate the up-and-coming season.

I never tire of this ritual—the cleaning up, the de-cluttering, the battening down, the putting away. It’s the same rite of passage every year but in its own way it is exciting…perhaps not to a seven year old! Speaking of which, I hardly had seen Miss Chatterbox all day. I heard her though! She eventually scraped herself off the table and spent most of the day in her room, not tidying but boy did she have fun with some forgotten toys. She certainly wasn’t bored and neither was I. There is nothing boring about watching the leaves change colour and fall or the golden late afternoon cast itself across the yard. There is nothing boring about our lives when the party is over. We all just need stillness and time to recover and yes… time to tidy up and enjoy forgotten things.