Sunnyside up

Missy and I were baking up a storm in the kitchen. We were making some gluten-free bread and banana muffins for tea. It was all going great, loads of pouring and stirring and “ooohing” and “ahhing” until little Missy dropped the eggs. SPLAT, all over the floor. There was a quick intake of breath and a frantic dancing of fearful eyes searching mine. I held them for a moment before I burst out laughing giving her full permission to giggle and bent and squeal with delight. The laughter, the eggs, and the warm sunshine spilling over us, turned everything yellow. With a quick wipe of a cloth the mess was gone but the smiles and our emotional wellbeing remained intact.Luckily we had a few more eggs and the muffins got made but it occurred to me how the job of parenting is a liability. One wrong move and we can scar for life. How easy it is to squish the joy out of any given situation, having too many high expectations, expecting perfection, fretting over the most ridiculous of things and forgetting to laugh at and with ourselves. Life’s not perfect and the kitchen floor was in a pretty bad state but little Missy must learn to live
with chaos as well as harmony and be happy…and so do I.


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