A brand new day for you

What are you going to do today? Are you going to do what you have been wanting to do for so long now or are you going to think about it just for another little while…a hour perhaps…maybe two hours? Maybe half the day. Maybe the whole day. Maybe you will continue to think about it all over again tomorrow. Tomorrow will be another brand new day. Another twenty-four hours to do what you really want to do. Of course, tomorrow is never guaranteed so that takes us back to NOW. Perhaps you need more time? Time for the egg to hatch. Maybe you need to prepare? Perhaps what you really want to do is too big? How about breaking it down into manageable pieces. Take one step at a time to fulfil your heart’s desire. Write it down. Get a notepad and draw your map. Start with a big circle in the middle of a blank page and write I am here. From that centre point, lay down all the stepping stones you need, to get to where you want to be. You may need only one or a hundred and one. It doesn’t matter. You have begun your journey, by creating it on paper, and focusing your mind. Now all you have to do is work out how you are going to get from one stepping stone to the next. It doesn’t matter how long it is going to take you but bear in mind, the longer you think about it, the longer it will take, to take that first step. So go on, intuitively mark out your path and jump right in. Start somewhere. At least you will not be in the same place tomorrow. You will be a step closer to your goal. There may be ripples. dangerous currents and whirl pools along the way but keep focused on your goal, your dream, your heart’s desire. There is nothing gained from staying in stagnant energy. If something inside you wants to be set free may you have the courage to jump but only if and when you are ready. Sometimes thinking about it is necessary. It gives you time to get used to the idea. Today you may choose to continue to think about it. You may plan out a path. You may take action. What ever you do, do your best, and if you feel you are not doing your best. be happy with doing the best you can. May you have a wonderful day and fulfilled dreams.


4 thoughts on “A brand new day for you

  1. Beautiful writing! 🙂 Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  2. yukundoit says:

    Just started something similar to yours, but more centered on my own progress towards self-motivation than giving advice. I find it helpful to know that other people are thinking about these issues too. You sound very optimistic about things.

  3. ailialana says:

    “We teach best what we most need to learn.”
    ― Richard Bach, Illusions

  4. ailialana says:

    Amelia. For someone who is an avid reader your comment is way up there. Thank you. (Amelia is a very special name in our house..Little Missy’s tooth fairy is called Amelia)

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