When I get over tired I get a serious dose of poor me. I could bite like a pismire and cry a river. Mostly I find it difficult to function and be productive. Suddenly everyday mundane tasks and routines become difficult. I usually get up at 6am and have a routine that keeps me focused, alert and organised. When I am over tired, good habits slide and bad habits, including old patterns that do not serve me well, start to slip right back in.

However, I am aware of this pattern and how over tiredness affects my mood, my thinking, my productivity and my every day routine. This is why I start preparing for bed around 9pm to be in bed before 10pm. I may not fall asleep immediately, I may read a little but at least I am resting and ready for sleep. Not every night works out like this but if I find that I keep to this schedule most of the week, the odd late movie night does not affect my overall mood. When I am rested I feel better, have more energy, and can generally cope with the trials and challenges that is part and partial of life and living.

When you are tired do you become overwhelmed or irritated? Do you blame or bite? Perhaps you get blamed and bitten. Whichever way it is, learn the lesson. Become aware. Take action. Do not allow yourself to get over tired. Take precious care of you. Aox


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