Play Life

If we could only rewind the unpleasant bits that caused us pain, grief and anger, everything would just be fine. No lessons to learn. No heart to mend. No love lost. But we can’t – and if we did, surely we would only be unravelling ourselves? What if we could just start again? The good news is, we can. At any moment of our lives we can start again and again and again. Your new starting point is just one thought away. So what if you screw up or just get stuck in a rut or change your mind? Make amends and change course. Become unstuck. Stop and reflect if you need to. Pause if you need to. Take a Haitus. Recharge. Take your time. When you are ready to go again, just hit play. Play life. Play your own story. Play it with pride. Create a new beginning formed from lessons of the past right here, right now, without the wish or thought or need to hit rewind. Your life is like a book full of chapters. Each chapter has a story to tell. Trust your own story. Hit play. Aox


One thought on “Play Life

  1. Love this. Reminds me a little of the post I just posted today.

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