Disownment comes AFTER the fall

Don’t you just love it when your own disown you! One minute I was on my feet, the next minute I was on my backside heading down a muddy slope towards little Missy’s friends. They were all gathered in a huddle chatting until I crashed and careered towards them. I‘m not sure who was more shocked, them or me, but their mouths were hanging open and no one shouted out, “there’s your Mammy,” like they normally do. They just stood gaping at me, except little Missy. She was straining her neck to look the other way hoping no one would notice that it was HER Mammy. By the time I had gathered myself she still hadn’t moved. Quite clearly, I had gone mad, wreathing and clawing my way out of the mud like something out of The Lord and the Rings. She never spoke the whole way home. Parents! Who would have them!


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