Spring is hope filled

Things are getting brighter round here, the evenings, the garden and the promise of little visitors to play with Miss Chatterbox. As soon as I hear the early morning birds and the tapping at the front door in the evening, I know spring is springing, gradually but actually.

All around, the trees, grass, plants and flowers are offering up fragile shoots, buds and blossoms. Isn’t it amazing how nature can keep secrets and nudge us gently in the right directions with little signs of hope that whisper new beginnings to cheer us on our way. It’s great to be connected to nature. It keeps us all grounded. Over the next few weeks, colours, sounds and tastes of spring will burst forth after months of gray and white and we can look forward to pink petals, flinging of our winter attire and feeling light with spring fever.

I spent the last couple of weekends mending my back garden. It has been long overdue and seriously neglected due to much change in my life in the last decade suffice to say the garden never really got the attention it so rightly deserves. I have to confess it was the state of my back garden, rather than the love for it, that forced me to go outside and “commune” with Mother Nature. Despite spring’s arrival, there remained many a telltale sign of the harshness of the winter’s chill. In a way a garden mirrors our own psyche that can get a bit battered and bruised from the challenges of life. How many of us have not been pummelled by life’s hard times?

Still, spring is always a sign of hope, of new beginnings. It evokes thoughts of renewal and hope for a better future. I haven’t had much opportunity to test how green my fingers are over the last number of years but in the last couple of weekends I have been happy in my beaten up garden. Simply happy.

The emergence of new life lifted my spirits and I thought that despite how beaten down we may feel, how many difficulties and challenges we encounter, there is always change, renewal, spiritual growth and personal growth. There are so many lessons to learn about growth, seasonal changes (just like in our lives), and patience. I threw in the latter virtue because planting flower seeds and waiting for their appearance takes patience…faith too. The thing is if you are willing to put in the effort to make a change towards your personal growth, you will be rewarded.

Make this spring the start of your new personal growth. Start a new passion or take baby steps to improving an area in your life. Maybe you want to be more active or take up a new challenge or start gardening like me. It does not matter so much what you do as why you do it. The why is easy; to enhance your life. Positive changes in your life and a commitment to personal growth can lead to a new sense of freedom. Spring clean you mind, body and soul this year and make your garden of life more fulfilling and prosperous. This season’s personal growth lesson can be simply summed up as: Spring is hope fulfilled.






One thought on “Spring is hope filled

  1. Brigitte says:

    Wonderful sentiments! I’ve got a few ideas that are budding right now. There’s just something about spring that clears out the cobwebs and makes life appear as if something wonderful is just around the corner.

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